Whether you’re hitting the trail or just out on the town, Lefty’s has clothing that will display your debonair sense of fashion! Seriously though, you’ll love these one-of-a-kind, hand designed, witty shirts!!
  • Engine grease stains and 2-stroke exhaust scent not included.


  • Looking for Parts?

    After you grab your merch, head on over to our Facebook page to check out what we are currently selling, dismantling, and stocking. Message us with any parts you are looking for and enjoy some rad videos of us working…kinda. With over 10,000 parts on hand, we can get you back out doing what you love!


  • About Us

    Lefty’s Snowmobile & ATV Salvage was started in the late stages of pregnancy on a long desired but sudden whim. Since then our passion for providing you with the parts you need to get back on the trail or track has spiralled to epic proportions! We have an in-house artist who has the need to design as well as ride.

    Thus, shopleftys was born; the perfect love child of art and Braap.

    We hope you legends enjoy!!